Hey there, we are Shoppers offers and thank you for checking out our About page. we are bloggers and a passionate to blogging from Delhi, India.
How we write about everything under the best at shoppers offers. But most of the time, the blog posts are about online shopping, deals and offers.
Actually, when we started this blog, it was reading all about Internet Marketing so we started this blog and chose this name which stands for ‘About Shoppers Offers’.
we like to help the blog readers in purchasing the best product for them. You may be thinking why would we do it.
Actually, the products which we tried to research on the Internet was a like Electronic, Fashion, Home Products and All Best Products. We started searching for the best Electronics Products in India.
When We started this blog, we had no target or goal in my mind. We just wanted to share Our views with the world. What a great coincidence.
Here We was slowly writing on the blog when We got to know about India Blogger. We started participating in their contests and attending events. We have made many blogger friends through this blogger community.
The blog post which we started helping people was Top10 Best Products in India. It still helps people in buying the best Products for them. Although we update it regularly to make sure that it stays that way.